Creating beloved community re-connected with the soil, water, plants,
and all creatures of our watershed here in Fresno




We are connected to the Wild Church Network of congregations seeking to encounter God in the wilderness, a place of spiritual transformation and new vision.

We are inspired by the Watershed Discipleship movement of church communities learning to love their place, as defined by their watershed.

We are part of Mennonite Church USA, rooted in the Anabaptist tradition of following Jesus in daily life. We are open to all who are looking for deeper relationship with God, community, and creation from any faith tradition or no faith tradition.

We are committed to the internal and external work of undoing racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of violence that harm our bodies and grieve the Spirit.

We believe that ancient faith practices like Sabbath rest, Eucharist, Scripture reflection and prayer offer healing and renewal for our weary bodies and world.

We usually meet outdoors monthly on the first Sunday of each month, and invite you to connect through other opportunities during the month. Kids are welcome! We don't have childcare, but invite their participation and play throughout our time together.

We are an evolving experiment in being church in a renewed way, and invite your ideas, creativity, and contributions!