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San Joaquin River and Tulare Lake Basins

Key to Painting

(from top to bottom)

Tule Elk

California Grizzly Bear (1)

Chinook Salmon (2)


Great Blue Heron

Giant Sequoia (3)

Western Hardwood Sulphur Shelf

Canyon Everlasting

Mountain Bluebird

Whitebark Pine (4)

Foothill Pine


Western Azalea

Snowy Egret

Valley Oak 

Parrot Feather

Hairy Woodpecker


Fragrant Sage

California Bush Lupine

Shortpod Mustard

Applegate's Paintbrush

Carpenteria (5)

Elderberry Longhorn Beetle

Frankenia Salina




Eelegant Clarkia


California Poppy



San Joaquin Kit Fox



Tule Elk (6)

Pa'ashi (7)

Tri-Colored Blackbird

Gopher Snake


Swainson's Hawk

Yosemite Toad

Clark's Nutcracker


Tiger Salamander (8)

California Agaricus

The Backstory

Katerina commissioned this art piece from Sarah Holst, an artist friend who draws large floating watersheds that represent the biodiversity from different regions. Artwork can engender deeper love, learning and care for our place. A Western Mono friend, Au-nitch Carpenter, spoke into the piece and Sarah added their traditional dwellings along with the California Grizzly Bear, now extinct, but an important animal relative for Indigenous peoples here along with Spring-run Chinook Salmon.


We revealed this piece at a Wild Church gathering in January of 2023, and also took time to create our own art based on the natural world. Two scientists in the group spoke at the gathering alongside the artist about the unique flora and fauna in our watershed, including Tule Elk, Valley Oak trees, Salmon, Willow, and Mountain Yellow-legged Frogs. The artist pointed out how she included "wounded places" on the land, like the Friant Dam, aerial pesticide spraying, oil derricks, and industrial agriculture. 

Order a Print

To order a poster print of this art piece, please contact We ask for a donation of $10-$20 to cover printing and shipping.


About the Artist

To see more artwork by Sarah Holst and to order other prints, visit her website:

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